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Portable Car Jump Starter

Portable Car Jump Starter

Model: A10 Battery type :Lithium Polymer battery Material:Pure LiCo02 Capacity: 13600mAh & 16000mAh Size: 173*78*33mm Weight: 450g


  • Product Details
  • Model: A10

    Battery type :Lithium Polymer battery

    Material:Pure LiCo02

    Capacity: 13600mAh & 16000mAh

    Size: 173*78*33mm

    Weight: 450g

    Output: 12V(2A)/16V(3A)/19V(3.5A)

    Input: 15V/1A

    Starting Current: 250A&300A

    Peak Current: 500A&600A

    Charging Time: around 4-5 hrs

    Cycles: Normally the cycles will be over 1000times and there are four LED indicators

    Application: Mobile Phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Camera, Pocket PC, PDA,  Ipad, Laptop, LED Light,burst flashing, SOS emergency car jump starter
    Model show
    How to use car jump starter
     1. Confirming the electric quantity is in the above 50%.
     2. Clamp positive pole of the battery with red clip, negative pole of the battery with black clip.
     3. Insert the devices connector into the 12V START terminal on the product.
     4. Turn the key to ON and start the vehicle.
     5. Once the vehicle is started, remove the end of the clamp from the device immediately.
     6. Disconnect the clamps to the vehicle’ battery.
    Our certificate:
    Why take us as a consideration:

    1.Strict temperature tolerance testing. 

    All our cells used for our Jump Starter are all put in 65℃ Temperature testing box for a week, put in 80℃ testing box for 4 hours. We are the first factory using this temperature testing system

    ( We use this tech on all cells produced by our factory, so those suppliers we sell cells to, might announce their produce with same testing).

    2.Allianz Insurance Company insured on product quality liability.

    AGA has purchased insurance from the biggest insurance company Allianz German, their US company website is As long as you're selling product produced by AGA, 

    the product will be covered with Quality Liability Insurance. 

    3. AGA is the first one invented Balance Charging for Jump Starter in the world. we have patent on this.

    As a real leading factory on these lithium battery product, whatever you like from your current supplier, AGA have the ability to offer better ones.

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